What is the #Reward500GBP hashtag?

Can social media help private property sales?  That’s what we aim to find out with a targeted campaign using Twitter and Facebook.

As a small incentive, we’re giving a £500 reward to the person who introduces us to our buyer.  Please check out the T&Cs on our private house sales website for more information.

So to help spread the word, we’ve created the Twitter #Reward500GBP hashtag to accompany our tweets.  And of course … because we all like to be rewarded for a job well done!

Like to help and earn yourself that reward? There’s a few things you can do:

Follow us on Twitter @PropertyPushUK
Use the hashtag #Reward500GBP
Befriend us on Facebook
Visit our private property sale website and subscribe to this blog for updates


Day 3 of the Private House Sale Experiment

It’s now three days since the start of our Social Media private houses for sale experiment.  And don’t forget, we are offering a £500 reward to anyone who introduces us to a buyer.  The private house sales website and blog went live on the evening of Sunday 16th January.  A new Twitter ID @PropertyPushUK was set up just over 24 hours ago and the Facebook page is underway.

So what of progress?  Traffic to the website has been positive with over 350 hits to date.  Google indexed it about 18 hours after it went live, no doubt wondering what all the activity was about!  And this blog has attracted nearly 100 viewings so far.

Twitter has been of huge benefit and the dedicated ID: @PropertyPushUK achieved more than 100 followers on day one.  Whether or not the house will sell as a result of the social media campaign remains to be seen.

From a personal point of view, we will be delighted to sell our house and are looking forward to paying someone the £500 reward.  But as marketing specialists, this experiment has already clearly demonstrated social media’s power and effectiveness.

Can social media sell houses?

We all know social media can move mountains, but the question we’re asking is can it sell houses?

Information moves across social media channels almost faster than the speed of light.  When it comes to buying property, the first place people visit is property websites, but will that become old hat if the Twitterverse takes over?

In 1999 I sold a house in Portsmouth privately online.  That was fairly radical then.  Estate agents’ websites were few and far between and not the most user-friendly.  Then along came the private sale websites.  I listed my house on one, which I believe might have been Rightmove in its previous life (but I could be mistaken).

Within 24 hours I had enquiries pouring in from across the country. Just five weeks later, I completed on the sale of my house – at the asking price. What a result!

So is social media the next property buying revolution? Let’s find out. Can you help find a buyer for our house?  Don’t forget, we’re offering a £500 cash reward!  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us and our progress @PropertyPushUK.

And of course, let’s not lose sight of why we’re here … so if you’d like to pop along and see our house, drop us an email or phone 01608 642845.

Buy to let property in Chipping Norton

Rental properties are always in demand in and around Chipping Norton.  As a small market town, properties are in short supply due to a lack of housing stock.

With the current economic climate, new and first-time buyers are finding it harder to get a foot on the property ladder, which is increasing demand for rental property.

Our house, which is being offered for sale privately, would make an ideal buy-to-let property purchase.  Similar properties are achieving a rental income of between £850 and £900 per calendar month.  You’ll find more information about the property here and on our Private House Sales website.

If you are looking for a buy to let property in Oxfordshire or in the Chipping Norton area, please call 01608 642845 to arrange a viewing.  Don’t forget: you may be eligible for a £500 reward!

£500 reward offered if you recommend a buyer

Because we’re keen to sell our house in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire privately, we’re offing a £500 reward if you introduce us to a buyer who successfully completes the purchase.

And, if you are the prospective buyer yourself, you can also claim the £500 reward.  Visit our private house sale website, where you will find full details of our cash reward offer.

Buying a house privately is often a less stressful experience than using an agent. This is because you are in direct contact with the owners rather than having to go through a 3rd party.  As private property sellers, we know our house inside out and are happy to talk to you about it honestly and openly.

Please take a look through this blog and don’t forget to visit our dedicated private property sale website too.  To arrange a viewing, simply give us a call on 01608 642845 or send us an email.